Radio Station Background

Beitbridge Shashe Community Radio (Ḽotsha FM) was established in December 2022 as a Community Radio Station by the Gov of Zimbabwe in an effort to empower local governance through community education and participation.

The station is located in the Central Business District of Beitbridge near the Gvt Complex that houses Ministries of Social Welfare, Youth, Woman Affairs.

Tshedza tsha lushaka. (otsha FM, the light of the Community)

U ḓisa mvelaphanḓa kha muvhundu i nḓila dza u khwiṋisa madzulele ashu (To be a Community radio Station that radiates developmental programmes in effort to bring change and sustainability)

The purpose of this organisation shall be:

  • To provide broadcasting service to the Beitbridge Shashe Community in Tshivenda
  • To promote cultural activities of the same community.
  • To revive the indigenous knowledge systems
  • To broadcast local, national and international news
  • To fundraise through donations to sustain the project
  • To promote and plan educational programs and the development of Tshivenda
  • To involve the local community in the planning and implementation of programmes
  • To liaise with other community radios with similar objectives in the country


Radio covers a radius of 60km from Beitbridge Town Central at 90.1 FM