Lotsha and Musina FM staff in joint training

Talent Moyo and Muvhuso Chibi

Authorities from Musina and Lotsha Community Radio stations based in South Africa and Zimbabwe are exploring ways of collaborating and nurturing talent in the two towns.

The two towns, which share the Beitbridge Port of Entry have similar challenges, culture and language which is predominantly Venda.

To start the collaboration initiative of presenters, news anchors and producers held a joint broadcasting training in Musina on Sunday.

The training covered several broadcasting aspects that will see both radios improving on their production and sustainability issues.

Veteran broadcaster, Jose Ncube who has worked at SABC’s Phalaphala FM and Capricorn FM conducted the training.

The training that covered, script writing, post and pre-production, news gathering, operations also presented a platform for the staff from two radio stations to network and share notes on a number of cross cutting issues.

Mr Ncube advised presenters from Lotsha FM and Musina FM to listen to each other’s shows to enhance a peer review program.

He said there was no competition on radio, but instead, broadcasters should help each other to grow in the industry.

“Respect yourselves so that listeners can also respect you, if you disrespect yourselves the listeners will also disrespect you,” said the veteran broadcaster.

Mr Ncube said it critical for media practitioners to be well read and to keep developing themselves as effective human resources.

He said the two radios should keep exchanging notes on how to push meaningful development in the two towns at the same time creating a platform for local artists to discover their talents.

“Community radio stations should play local artists so as to promote or uplift them. In addition, local languages should also be used in community radio stations, no language should be looked down upon,” he added.

Musina’s station manager, Mr Justice Langa appreciated the efforts by the Lotsha management to carryout joint trainings and working visits.

He also handed over some certificates to the trainees and appreciated that two communities had shared common interest.

Lotsha FM’s content coordinator, Mr Thupeyo Muleya said they were working on a raft of quality assurance measures as they seek to break even in the broadcasting industry.

“We are happy to take a leaf from Musina FM who have been in the industry longer than us. Their experiences will help us better improve on the quality of our product, as we make baby steps on our road to success,” he said.

“Our hope is that this training will help the two community radio stations work together to enrich communities with knowledge, information and entertainment”.

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