Tshaswingo woman gives birth on the road

Staff Writer

A woman from Tshaswingo was this morning helped to deliver a baby by the roadside while on her way for a medical check-up at the local hospital.

Three women had to be assisted here after she experienced labour pains in the Tshithaudze suburb as soon as she was about to head to the hospital.

“It appears; she wasn’t aware of the delivery date. She had come for a routine neonatal check-up. We found her struggling to deliver by the road side. Some two elderly women and myself then helped her to deliver,” said Miss Patience Moyo commonly known as MC Pashy, one of the good Samaritans.

She said the woman gave birth to a baby girl and was later rushed to the hospital for further medical attention.

“The staff there did a good job, they were very responsive,” said Miss Moyo.

A few years ago another woman travelling from South Africa gave birth while in a queue at the Beitbridge border post.

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